Top Tips to Save Energy This Season

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Everyone has been impacted by the spiralling energy prices and with winter on the horizon, many households are wondering how they can avoid being hit by a big bill. 

We’ve put together a list of nine top tips to save energy this season and the good news is they’re all simple to implement.


Check your insulation

One of the first things to check out is your home’s insulation level. It’s always worth making sure the attic is well protected with rolls of fibreglass or spray foam. 

If your home doesn’t already have it, now might be a good time to check out cavity wall insulation. It will pay for itself within a couple of years in energy savings. 


Cut a degree off the heating

The thought of turning down the thermostat during the winter months might sound like a lot, but in reality cutting just a degree could make a big difference to your energy bill, knocking around 10% off. 

Try dropping your central heating to 19C and wearing a jumper, woolly socks or wrapping yourselves up in a soft throw or blanket to make sure you stay toasty warm this winter. 

For rental tenants, remember to check with your landlord or their agent if you’re thinking of changing your energy provider to secure better rates. 


Cut your vampire power

One of the easiest savings you can make on your electricity consumption is by switching off any and all appliances that are on standby. 

Even items that are switched off will still take a trickle charge if they’re left plugged in. It’s known as phantom or vampire power, and can account for a quarter of a domestic energy bill - an astonishing amount. Turn off, unplug and reclaim that cost. 


Check for draughts

Whether you opt for the DIY method using fabric ‘snakes’ or get in a professional to install weatherstrips for your doors and windows, reducing or eliminating draughts will help cut your energy bills. 

If you have an older property, don’t forget to check gaps around your floors or through the chimney. Blocking them off will save you money in the long run. 

Rental tenants should speak to their landlord or their agent to ensure draught-proofed doors and windows still allow for enough ventilation.


Turn off unused lights 

Even the most stylish light fittings should be kept in the dark if the room isn’t in use. If you have visitors over the winter period, make sure they follow your good habits. 

Likewise, think about your Christmas tree lights. Don’t leave them turned on overnight or if everyone’s out of the house and your energy bill will thank you. 


Keep an eye on the kitchen

Christmas is a time to get together with family and friends, eat, drink and be merry! Unfortunately, boiling more water than you need in your kettle can send your energy and water bills soaring.

Your dishwasher will no doubt be getting a good workout too, so it’s worth making sure it’s completely full before running a cycle. That way, you’re making the best use of the energy it uses.  


Ditch the bath and take a shower 

There’s a lot to be said for a long, lazy soak in the bath with bubbles up to your nose. But if you’re looking to trim those energy costs, now’s the time to switch to a shower. 

If you can limit your time under that warm spray to around four minutes, you’ll use a lot less water and energy - and still be energised and clean. 


Avoid the tumble dryer

Speaking of keeping things clean, many households rely on tumble dryers for their laundry. If you can, use racks to air dry your clothes and towels and save energy, or take everything to your nearest laundrette and throw it all in an industrial machine. 

Alternatively, if you have to use your tumble dryer, find and use the most efficient setting. Don’t wait until the end of the cycle to check if everything’s dry, and you can speed up the process by throwing in a dry towel. 

For rental tenants in flats who use tumble dryers to prevent too much condensation building up when drying wet clothes, it’s worth shopping around energy providers for better off-peak rates. Again, remember to discuss this with your landlord or their agent before making any change.


Upgrade to a smart meter 

If you want to watch your energy consumption like a hawk, or are just curious about how much you use and when, a smart meter will tell you everything you need to know. 

They’re installed for free by your energy provider, and are a great way to help identify where and when you can use less energy. 


So, there you have our nine top tips to save energy this season. 

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